Happy Users

“I have never in my life cast anything as beautiful as that 000! It is a wand that’s close to perfection…… I think it is the finest little stick I have ever used on a small stream” ~ Tom Sutcliffe

“I was speechless when I opened the rod tube this morning and took out this triple nought beauty. It has to be the best crafted rod I have seen so far. It completely exceeded my wildest expectations. I want to thank you again for “The Wisp”. It surely is a masterpiece.” ~ Jomar Froneman

“I have just been casting my new bamboo fly rod with a 4-weight DT floater on it. Superb! This is a gem you have made for me!”  
“The rod is outstanding…faultless” ~ Tom Sutcliffe

“Just to let you know that I had my first dedicated weekend with my new rod. It’s is a real gem. Casts like a absolute dream . These rods really have a personality. I will treasure this rod always. God Bless ” ~ Mac Muller

“With my first cast I covered a match box at 11-12 yards. The rod has pinpoint accuracy. That’s what I want. My first trip with this rod is one of the happiest days fishing I’ve had. It was fantastic…The rod is a joy, an absolute joy. Every cast is right on the money. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Tony Biggs


“Awesome rod. I’m totally smitten …. Sage 1 wts seem suddenly very yesterday”

“…. a small-stream epiphany, somewhat unexpected after a quarter of a century on local streams..

“I never thought I would find a split cane rod that would compete for my affections with the Sage and Scott-based whisper rods….this rod has changed that perception” ~ Ed Herbst 

I got to fish the rod on my stream, it performed fantastically. Caught a yellow on my first outing doing some dry fly fishing (just the way good ff was meant to be). It casts well and the action is just right for the stream. There’s enough backbone to do small flick casts when necessary, and more than enough action to send the line far up stream.

Thanks for the making such a great rod!

Michael Meerkotter

“The rod was even better than my expectations. I really appreciate the superb work you do.” ~ Thomas Nagelsen

“Deon is very happy with the rod – has allready used it, and was the envy of all the other flyfishers” ~ JC Oelofse

“What a stunning piece of work this is.” ~ Anton Meyer

“The rod was everything you said it would be and more. What surprised me was the fact that it is capable of high line speed , straight tracking and gentle presentation…Thanks again for the wonderful rod. ~ Koos Pretorius

“Swaar, the rod is awesome……It casts like a dream. It is really, really beautiful.” ~ Andre Bakkes

I used the rod for the first time over the Xmas weekend in the South Eastern Cape (Ugie, Maclear area ). It was great !! I hiked 20 km upriver, casting in every run and pool. It was a pleasure to cast. I caught approximately 40 fish, all CAR. Absolutely fantastic…. Thanx again

Tight Lines Nick” ~ Nick Hadji

“I managed to blood the rod with a good 1.5 kg rainbow. What a lovely rhythm and feel! She is an absolute beauty and a rod to treasure for a lifetime. Thanks again for the extra effort in producing such a quality rod in the available time frame. The (second) rod has arrived and is beautiful. I now need to blood it as soon as possible. Thank you again for this masterpiece. It is always a pleasure doing business with you” ~ Merwe Erasmus

“Thank you very much for all your hard work and the high level of craftsmanship this marvelous rod represents. Needless to say I am absolutely delighted with it and will have to have another” ~ Andrew Ford

“The rod is simply beautiful!” ~ Peter Savory

“Stephen Dugmore’s modernised version of the Baby Catskill proved to be the nicest rod I have ever used.” ~ Giordano Zamparini – (Africa’s Original Flyfishing Magazine Vol 20 no 102)

….the rod cast beautyfully,I could take 7+ meters off the water and cast it back upriver without false casting

Stephen the rod is wonderfull, thanks,  I think that I am going to have a lot of fun with it.

Giordano Zamparini

“The rod is fantastic – I really enjoy it. It took a bit of getting used to as the action is very different to my usual sage, but I love it. And it is really beautiful on top of its fishing ability – stunning, so thanks very much. I’m not sure my sage is going to get much use anymore!” ~ Graham Thomas

The rod is absolutely awesome! Tried it out over the weekend and it was a dream. Thank you so much for such a masterpiece.

Thanks for the making such a great rod!

Greg Goosen

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